There are so many wonderful blogs to read out there; entertaining, educational, heart-warming, thought-provoking and so much more.  As I step into this ever growing world of “sharing”, I wonder just how much value can I add to this ever expanding community of words…..

Then, I remember…I remember that the journey for each of us is unique; and in that lies our value.  I am not interested in creating a “following”; nor being popular.  I just want to share.  I want to bear witness to what we are doing as a family, how we are growing, changing and deepening our relationships with one another.  I want to encourage others to  live “simply”.  I’m not advocating a minimalistic, de-cluttered lifestyle.  In fact, the beauty of “simply” living is embracing the clutter and mess that comes from being human and sharing our lives with those we love.

So, what are my intentions?  I don’t know.  What I do know is we are called to “Love God with all our Hearts, with all our Soul, and with all our Mind” (Matt 22:37).  And it is that truth that guides me; that is the undercurrent of our daily lives.  And when I allow this undercurrent to flow freely, I am lead to simply loving, living and learning.

If you are reading this,  know that I may not have regular entries.  This blog is not my life.  However, when the opportunity arises to share an experience that exemplifies the message of this undertaking, I will do so.  And, if the message moves you, join me and we can “simply love, live and learn” together.


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